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A Real Life Toku Warrior
My Journeys Through Life
I am Adam Lanza... 
Mon December 17th, 2012 @ 18:41:00

In response to this blog post and the original creator.  Get ready for another lawsuit...

I am 24 years old and qualify for disability, at least until the extreme right wing takes it away and leaves me to starve to death because I have been rejected by society and my family.  I weas forced to go on it or spend the rest of my life locked up and drugged up to the point where my mind was no longer a part of this world.

I have aspergers after neatly being killed to figure it out, I also meet the criteria for Bipolar Type 2 but because I lack the enzyme to digest Tegretal or Lithium treatment is worse then the disease.  I have had to go to court 3 times to prove this and have been "blacklisted" by most of the medical establishment. Despite thousands of pages of peer-reviewed research I either have Aspergers and am to be left to die off -- or Im a stark raving mad bipolar patient whom no one cares if I am violently ill and left ambulatory because of my birth defects.  I wont bother anyone else but hell, I can suffer in silence ant STFU because "I'm sick".

My symptoms match the child marked in this blog and nothing medically fixes them 100%.  I either have to give up my independence and health, or I am forced to live in seclusion.  Society calls me every name in the book from a sick murderer, to a 'lazy ass deadbeat' who needs to starve a bit more to be "Put back into line".  I am not allowed to make mistakes or I am put into an orange brick room until I submit, just like in school.  This includes starvation, cold, isolation, little light and extreme discomfort along with the physical side effects of ineffective medication.  I started beating myself to materialize the undescribable pain.  They just left me tied to a stretcher for several days until I learned not to show my suffering.

My school life consisted of a daily point's scale off of 100 points.  Every single action I take from my words, manners, performance, mood and ability to comply with unrealistic expectaions is taken into account.  Points are tallied weekly and how "comfortable" I am depends on my score.  If I didnt get straight A's I would be forever on Level 2 and allowed to do nothing but read cliche materials on how to be "good".  I read the school's library 5 times over. 

Comfort is given in 5 levels from total isolation to total freedom.  I can only move up a level once a week but can drop all 5 on a single error.  All the other kids I associate with are total sociopaths; some are murderers but most are arsonists, rapists, and extreme petty criminals. I am forced into using drugs at risk of my life, my treatment team looks the other way as I am stabbed in the back, beaten up, set up, and ridiculed. If I defend myself I am going to real jail on assault charges.  This stopped when I snapped and using the skill of a green belt I ripped a few of them apart. I caused permanant injuries to one person's shoulder, strangled another with a 'choke throw', then was 6 inches from snapping one of "said" murder's necks before the police arrived.

Thankfully they vindicated me, something the staff didnt want to do -- mainly because I was the disrupter and 'deserved it'.

I never stopped beating myself though, even after I was abandoned at 16 to be on my own.  This was after my very survival depended on a minimum of 60 points a day. Something that was incredibly unrealistic.

No wonder why my school was my "primary target" and everyone there needed to be released from hell.  They are the sociopathic murderers who are dangerous, not me.  Leave me to rot in a corner and dont disturb me I wont you.  MY friends will kill you for the sake of killing, the like the taste of blood and have no morals or parents.  In fact, Just like satan wants many killed their own parents for something as simple as yelling at them for not being "home before the street lights".

Did i mention my school was a minimum security jail disguised as a long term residential treatment facility?  The next steps were Medium security (the orange brick room), then maximum security (and cavity searches) behind the 12 foot microlink fence and maglock doors.

I was going to be a hero for god by killing the devils -- not the other way around.  I took my life because God told me to and I accepted my banishment to the eternal darkness.  I made a great deed, so great in fact Ill be another G-type Star that will start another intelligent civilization like ours.

My mom (the one posting this stupid blog) has 7 different little girls living inside of her.  They came to live inside of her because she was an "unwanted" child of a marginalized post-war couple who thought she was dead due to being 6 months pre-mature.  Her father served during the Italian Campaign in ww2 - on the axis side.  Nothing but a recipee for genetic PTSD going back 4 generations...  My mom's grandparents suffered through WW1 even...

Naturally they took their PTSD out on my mom by beat her into being a cripple (for not meeting expectations), frequently throwing down the stairs for insubordination, tied her up by a hose and whipped for lying and they scalped her several times because they couldnt understand her physical limitations (just like in the army).  She was also raped by a guidance counsellor at a local high school (who has since died).  She tried to kill him with a gun but "missed" among other crimes she never told me about.

Her parents kicked her out at 16 because she refused to follow "Jehova" due to being disabled and unable to meet the physical requirements of being a missonary.  Her parents and the rest of the italian community nearly killed her because she married my dad (interacial politics) against her father's wishes.  Her father built most of Erie Street afterall and our family owns every major establishment down there.  It got so bad at times they would spit at my parents car when they went down that street.  They were forced to move 400km away until my grandfather
(dad's side) gave my dad a job shovelling coal at Ford Plant 1(which is now being demolished because of the NWO agenda). I still am poorly served on Erie Street because of it. 

Despite all of this she frequenly surrounds herself with outher "marginalized women" and enjoys her alchol filled bitch sessions with the other "Mothers"--extreme right winged fundamentalist apocalyptic christian victimology and all.  Naturally Satan is the result of everything bad in life which totally ignores the concept of "agency". 

Because she was kicked out she became a "toubled youth" who got into drugs alchohol and crime.  It took 4 separate hospitalizations and an extreme suicide attempt before she found my dad (another basket case of a failed mental health system).  She is also violently homophobic and if she knew what I was into I would have enough evidence for a restraining order. 

They also told her she couldnt have a kid, so she concived me 4 weeks after their honeymoon, There was no reason for a condom if the body was incapable...  Yet she spent 8 weeks on her back when she had me and my birth was caused by her refusing to stay still.  She slipped on the ice and I nearly died 5 times in my first 12 weeks of life.

Yet I am the "black sheep" of the family...

My dad is just like me, except he has been beaten into total submission by the system. His mother was sociopathic whim like her mom and sisters, killed themselves because they were too old and could no longer be independent.  His father was an eternal hero who was a workaholic, his intestines paid the price and cost him his life.

My dad is an undiagnosed aspie at 54 and he has mild BPD, he went through the system and wrote the "first book" on how to deal with "problem kids".  He met my mom in the Psych ward as they were both on their third 2 week commitals.  This was back of course when it was common to stay in a locked hospital wing for 8 weeks or more.  Not like now when prison is the only long-term care a "mental health case" has. Both of his parents had forms of Sociopathy, BPD, and Autism.  Both had troubled lives enough to meet PTSD criteria.  This is because my grandfather was forced at grade 6 to become the "man of the house" in the 40s and my grandmother's side came over after the "blitz".

I lost track of my Dad's side after that and my lesbbian aunt wont talk to us.  She lives in Vancouver and got my mom banned fur facebook for trying to contact her.  She traced the family back to pre-confederation and into the Irish potato famine.  Ill bet some of that fungus fucked the whole genetics up to cause my "curse".

When I was 3 they did the "testing" every mother bites their nails for thanks to the hyper reactive medi (autism epidemic).  I failed royally and was condemmed to an instituion for the rest of my life.  Naturally my mom's victim complex started overcompensating for this.  That and the "denial bug" reared its head with my mom throwing the finger at the system from then on.

I started Junior Kindergarden/YMCA 3 months out of diapers and was kicked out 2 years later for the same shit "Michael" did.  By the time I was 7 I had been through 4 different schools...

This was before "the three lettered agency" on Erie Street (now a medium security jail for kids) got involved and tempered things so bad they forced my dad into violence.  I was able to prove in court (secretly) they did it on purpose and fucked up.  If I didnt I would have become a murderer like the other kids from my school and my mom would have been killed in St Thomas through extreme medication.  My dad would have performed hira kiri for ruining everything--just like he did with his lesbian sister in Vancouver.

Though it cost my parents 60,000 dollars to fight the permanant custody proceeding and 2 years, I kept my family together by subjecting myself to 7 more years of hell. I became a monster to "deliberately" make them put me into more intensive treatment and to get out of the situaiton.

If i was bad enough somone would do something...  They shure did and it worked out -- eventually.  By the time everyone found out I was just acting out, I was already locked up and tied to a bed for almost 6 months.  Ill never drink canned juice or drink from green and yellow plastic tumblers again.  I will never look at a cherry sucker again nor will I ever take a bath.  Once again They had to become abusive before they realized normal treatment wouldnt work.  Thank god I had staff who felt sorry enough to overide the rules or I would have taken my life -- even back then.

Then of course Harris came in and fucked everyone over.  I was forced to move into the medium security jail for adolescents (found by a bunch of nuns) where the real fun started.  Then I had to become schitzo to get my freedom back.  That and a couple of radio shows and Cartoons with just the right message let my extra dimensional mind navigate above all the drama while my body was ravaged.  Only when I became of age at 16 was I actually able to use the law to defend myself from harm.

Though I was abandoned by everyone in the process I made it up to 2nd year university thanks to my survival instinct.  Though I crashed and burned like challenger (due to faulty seals/construction and poor management) in 2nd year and am PUD now (permanantly unemployable/disabled) I have never fully taken any lives yet.

Other then my own since I follow the Code of Bushido at least. 

Of course I am still a failure and a threat because my 16 years of hell did nothing to control "what was wrong with me".  I still shy away from social contact and Im still violently ill from the "reccomended" treatrments. I am also prone to lash out and scream in pain at times (and people wanna lock me up until i stop, even if it means killing me) but Im still alive...


I am not Adam Lanza, neither is Michael.,..

Go talk to a fucking therapist Woman before you turn him into Adam by your obsession with him.

Otherwise he may just learn about Bushido like I did and turn the knife on himself.

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